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Handmade jewelry supplies for Jewelry Making

Welcome, my friends!
I specialize in Lampwork Jewelry supplies, especially beads.
All my findings are hand made by me in my sStudio, they are annealed, cleaned and tested.
I hope that you will find something that you love :)
My name is Nadin Sandler, I'm a Glass Artist-SRA G107, Designer and Creator of the products you see here.

You are welcome to visit my new Handmade Jewelry Findings (supplies) store with unique metal supplies, also please consider my new jewelry line - elegant sterling silver earrings made of eco friendly sterling.

I am a self-representing artist, membership Number is G107. When you see the SRA logo, you can be assured that the seller is selling only his own work. Look for SRA in item tags..
I have been designing handcrafted jewellery supplies since 2003.
I work as an artist working with hot glass, making beads and I also design and create my own line of jewelry.
Lampwork - I work with soft glass, like Moretti, Lauscha, Vetrofond, Cim and TAG.
I adore CIM glass, but Double Helix and Reichenbach are my favorites too.

Best regards,
Nadin Art Design

My resources
Diamond engagement rings - Engagement Rings and Certified Diamond Rings Specialists

- The technique by which my jewelry was produced ( Lampwork , blowing , pressed glass and other ) - in the manufacture of the lampwork product like beads, headpins-glass headpins and more was used several techniques..

- Deep of Lampwork Inside too beads decorated but this must be done during making beads:
bubbles ( air is blown in a special way in a mass of glass ) flowers ( glass of other colors is injected into the hot base on the basis of a syringe )

- The beads can be of various shapes:
" a plate beads ", pyramids beads, leaves ( for necklaces, bracelets)
droplets ( for pendants, earrings or more ) asterisk type of bead sculptural flowers: roses,
pansies type of beads pendants beads- figurines: fish, frogs, etc..
beads-pendants in the shape of a pitcher on the marine theme: seashells, starfish,
sea animals festive beads, pendants: snowmen, Christmas trees ( New Year),
Pumpkin (Halloween ), birthday cake ( birthday ), etc.

- Lampwork glass shaping glass in the molten state over a torch is a wonderful and fascinating way to make glass beads or Jewelry Glass.
Glass especially in its molten state, is an amazing medium.
Once you know some essentials about glass and have an understanding of how no use the
torch, you're ready to master a flew basic skills.
Then the rest is up to your imagination!
You will soon be designing beads in your sleep !

The result of the technique Lampwork always unchanged - a glass of bead.
However few people stop at this point. Most often, the beautiful
handmade beads are " pearls " in the artfully assembled
jewelry. Many Lampworkers than skillful handling of glass,
master the skill related activities.
There are not too much knowledge and experience in the design of jewelry.
And it also happens that the fans make decorations on their own
come in Lampwork to be able at any time to replenish their coffers glass masterpieces.

My name is Nadin Sandler and I have been manufacturing in the Jewelry art lampwork
from October 2008 . on my store you can found deluxe exclusive jewelry supplies .

It so happened that in June 2008 it became my main occupation.
At the moment I am actively working on development new techniques

On my handmade Lampwork stores you can found lot of beads with different shapes like Barrels beads,
Bicones beads, Cones beads, Hearts beads,Lentil beads, Tabs beads, Pillow beads, Botanicals beads,
Buttons beads, hollow(blown) beads, Embossed (ruffled) beads

My friends ask me questions, which of your works do you think his better?
If I found the work that I consider unworthy be lovely or better -
I would have immediately thrown out. Each work has its own history its meaning.
The artist should be demanding to themselves and their works, not important but this is a small bead or focal bead.

How i make the beads with frits covered

glass headpins made by Nadin jewelry artist
A. Choose one or two colors of frit and fill a nonfood metal teaspoon with each color.
Arrange the handle of each spoon so you can easily pick it up and hold it under the flame later.
B. Now wrap a long bead 4 or 5 times the width of the glass rod on a mandrel.
Use the graphite paddle to roll and move some glass out to the ends of the bead.
The ends of the bead should be slightly rounded. If the bead is pointed at the ends, it won't
cool properly and it may not release smoothly from the mandrel later
C. Pick up one of the spoonfuls of frit and hold it
D. Heat the bead to glowing.
Lower the molten bead to the spoon and roll it in the frit picking up a layer of the I ground glass
E. Bring the bend into the flame and allow the mt to heat and melt into the surface of the bead
The graphite paddle can be used to further smooth the frit
F. Repeat steps three through five for additional colors of frlts.
G. Be sure the bead is evenly heated before beginning the flame annealing process.
Put the bead away to cool in the vermiculite-filled slow cooker

Jewelry Design Decisions
When stringing your handmade bead into jewelry the first decision to make is whether you want your bead to stand alone or to have company.
If your bead goes solo, pick out complementary stringing material and findings.
You can keep a single bead in place by tying a knot on either side of the bead, then add more of your
handmade beads on either side, a small distance from the first.
These knots on either side of these beads, so your beads "float" along the length of the cord.
If your bead could use a little company put a few beads on either side of it.
Glass pony or crow beads work particularly well for this Bring your bead to the bead store and experiment with different sizes, shapes
and colors of beads until you find the perfect combination.
Should you want the entire length of a necklace or bracelet to be beaded,
you'll need filler beads filler beads are simply beads that won't detract from your original handmade bead.
You can work with just one type of filler bead, or experiment
with several colors and shapes. Glass seed beads work well,
as they are inexpensive and come in an astonishing variety of colors and sizes. You can string these beads in a
pattern or put them all in a bowl and string them randomly. If your bead has a large hole, try stringing it on multiple strands of filler beads.

Etching acids eat into the surface of the glass and give it a
soft, frosted look. They're available in some bead supply catalogs and from stained-glass
suppliers. Ammonium bifluoride, available in liquid form, is simpler to use than the
cream version. Be sure to use protective gloves and eyewear .
Although etching can be used on just about any beads, don't use it on beads burnished with
metal leaf-—it will remove some or all the leaf. Cool and clean the beads before etching
them. For best results, etch beads that were annealed in a kiln.

Getting the Right Glass
The soft glass rods used in these projects take little time to
heat and bring to molten in the flame. This Italian glass also
has a wonderful palette available. Rods are easy to use because
they roll nicely in the hand. While hard glass stays stiff
in the molten state, molten soft glass is easier to manipulate
shape, push, and pull when you're making beads. You will find
the glass rods you need wherever supplies for stained glass are sold.

Glass is a mixture of sand, potash, and lime. The are many formulas and characteristics of glass,
and categorized by the rate at which the glass expands and contact it's heated and cooled.
The number that expresses this is called the coefficient of expansion(COB).
In order for different glasses to be used together in one bead, their COEs must be compatible, within a few points of each other.
The COE indicates how much heat is needed to soften the glass to a mold able, molten state.
You'll use a soft glass be sureto get rods with a COE of 104.
Hard glass, such as borosilicate (oven-safe glassware), has a relatively low C013 of 32, and it takes a lot of heat to get to the molten state.

Wire & Findings
The most versatile way to wear and display your beads is to
put them on some sort of stringing material, whether it's synthetic bead string, a simple wire chain made from silver
or gold, or a piece of cord in leather, satin, or Waxed linen or cotton.
Tie a quick adjustable knot,or for a more finished look, add appropriate jewelry findings.
Would you like have high quality handmade jewelry findings for making jewelry click link below NadinArtGlass store

The exquisite, one of a kind art jewelry makes for amazing gifts for the dear people in your life .
Find the handmade lampwork pendant , supplies, earwires, earrings and necklaces that are just right for you !

String the beads on heavy mono filament fishing line and knot both ends together.
Lower the string into the bottle of etching liquid, making sure that the beads don't touch any part of the container .
Process the beads in the liquid for 15 minutes, or follow the manufacturers directions.

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