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Lampwork Bead Gallery

Lampwork Glass Designer Nadin Gershon

I specialize in Lampwork Beads Sets, especially accent beads.
All my beads are Handmade by me in my Glass Studio and are annealed and cleaned and inspected.
I hope that you will find something that you love :)
My name is Nadin Gershon I'm the Glass Artist-SRA, Designer and the Creator of the products you see here.
I love to create my ART in the beautiful quiet environment of country lifestyle.
I have been designing handcrafted lampwork glass beads since 2003.
I work as a hot glass artist making lampwork beads and I also design and create my own line of jewelry.Lampwork-I work with soft glass, like Moretti, Lauscha, Vetrofond, Cim and TAG.
I adore CIM glass, but Double Helix and Reichenbach are favorites too.Warm regards, Nadin Art Glass

Best Lampwork Beads Designer

Art Glass Lampworking has been around for thousands of years but has recently begun a revival here in the United States.
Lampwork beads are made by melting colored glass rods in a flame, then winding the glass on a metal mandrel - adding layers and decorations as you go.
Once the bead is finished, it is then placed in a kiln where it goes through an annealing process - to get the stress out of the glass and cool it down without cracking - making the beads very durable.
Artisan Lampwork Beads maker-designer Lampwork Beads

I've been collecting beads and making jewellery since I was a child.
The bead shops I visit remind me of the old fashioned sweet shops with their juxtaposition of beautiful colours, shapes and textures.
A few years ago I visited the famous glassworking island of Murano in Venice and have been fascinated by lampworking glass ever since.Lampworking is an ancient process where rods of glass are melted and wound carefully around a steel mandrel to form a bead using a hot flame. The bead is then decorated further by adding more glass, metals, frits and enamels and can also be manipulated with various tools and heat to create beautiful designs. Glass rods come in hundreds of colours and are made in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, America and in the UK. My beads are all kiln annealed for strength and durability and the holes carefully cleaned (unlike many cheaper imported beads that are mass produced).

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