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Lookong for Handmade Large Hole Lampwork Bead

These large hole beads sized for the popular Europeanstyle bracelets and necklaces like Pandora, Troll,...

Pandora Glass Beads-Blown Pandora Handmade Bead-Lampwork BEAD     Handmade Lampwork HOLLOW Bead, fits Pandora, Troll, Biagi jewelr    Pandora Transparent Clear Glass Hollow Bead-925 Sterling Silver   Lampwork Pandora Style Metal Core Blown Glass Beads for Bracelet
Large hole Handmade Lampwork Beades - deluxe exclusive glass beads for jewelry supplies

Lampwork equipment:

Brazing fuel can be purchased in small 1-pound (approx. 45 kg) nonrefillable tanks.
The torch head attaches directly to the top of the tank(screw it on tightly).
Use a hose clamp that fits around the tank to fasten an L-bracket near the top.
Use a C-clamp to fasten the other part of the L-bracket to the tabletop.
Be sure the torch is facing forward (that is, away from you).
You may want to angle the torch further forward by bending the L-bracket so the flame is positioned at an angle.
Brazing fuel is also available in larger, refillable tanks.
One end of the hose secures directly to the tank, and the other end connects to the torch head with a special fitting.
If you do use brazing fuel, have your fuel supplier assist with the correct hose attachments.
Take the Hot Head torch with you, so the supplier gives you the correct hose and fitting.
Once you're home, secure a small hose clamp and bracket around the fitting, and use a clamp to secure the other
end of the bracket to the tabletop as with the 45 kg tank.

Green Spacer Lampwork Beads SRA 1/16" hole-Handmade mini beads

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