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Handmade Lampwork Glass Bead Lentil-Pillow Glass Beads for Jewelry Making

2 Handmade Artisan Lampwork Glass Beads for Jewelry Making

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads for Jewelry making!!

Bear Paws Topaz & Raku
Black and Pink Asian Swirl
Black and White Asian Swirl
Black Fall Lampwork Lentils
Cobalt Blue Lentil Lampwork Beads
Etched Organic Lentils
Gray Woodland Swirls
Ivory Fall Lampwork Beads
Mango Coral Topaz Lentil Beads
Pink Ice Lampwork Lentils
Purple & Raku Lentils
Purple And Raku Swirl Lentils
Solid Turquoise Raku Lentils
Triple Swirls Lampwork Beads
Turquoise & Cranberry Lampwork Beads
Turquoise & Raku Lampwork Lentils
Black Oilslick Lentils
Black Raku Lentils
Sunny Tropical Mango Lentils
6 Bright Swirl Lentils
Bright Summer Swirl Lentil beads
Brown Raku Square
Brown & Raku Lentils
Emerald Green Raku Lentils
Olive Green & White Lentils
Red And Raku Lentils
14 Handmade Brown & Raku Lentils Bead Set SRA


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